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Computers and CAD (Fundamentals of Computers)

About AutoCAD (Hardware requirements, History, etc.)

The First Look at AutoCAD (Introduction to the GUI)

Drawing objects                                

 Line , Circle


Objects Editing                                  

 Erase, Oops


Filing AutoCAD Information

 Open, Save, New


Drawing objects                                

 Arc, Polygon, Ellipse, Donut


Objects Editing                                  

 Move, Copy, Array, Break, Mirror, Offset, Scale, Rotate


Setting Drawing Limits


Object Selection


Drafting Settings                               

 Object Snap Settings, Polar Tracking, Grid & Snap


Creating and Editing Text                

 Text, Style, Spell, Mtext, Ddedit


Objects Editing                                  

 Trim, Extend, Stretch


Color & Linetype Control


Viewing Commands                          

 Zoom, Pan, View, Dsviewer


Hatching Utility                                 

 Hatch, Boundary Hatch, Editing Hatch


Setting up drawing units                   


Polyline Creation and Editing


Filleting & Chamfering


Layer Creation


Property Manager


Editing with Grips


Match Properties


Inquiry Commands                                  

 ID, List, Dist, Area


Advanced Object Creation & Editing

             Mline, Mlstyle, Mledit, Spline, Splinedit, Lengthen



 Qdim, Tolerance, Leader, Dimension Style


Geometric Tolerance


Construction Lines    

 Xline, Ray


Drawing Properties


Blocks in AutoCAD                              

 Concepts of Block, Insert, Redefining, Wblock


Mutiple Insert


Labeling Blocks with Attributes


Defining & Editing Attributes


Concept of Partial Load


External Reference                            

 Attaching, Clipping, In place Editing, Binding


Design Center




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