CEO Speak:


Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Dear Partner,


I personally welcome you to Saluja Cad Consultancy, India's #1 CAD/CAM/CAE industry. Our definition of growth includes a lot more than just earning money. It involves happiness for customers and an increased business coupled with success for our partners.

As you are aware, Saluja CAD Consultancy has revolutionised the CAD/CAM/CAE industry and job market over the years at surprisingly low prices. Our round-the-clock service, cutting-edge technology make it possible for us to provide our customers with the best CAD/CAM/CAE experiences at minimum costs. 

In an effort to enhance our reach, and to be as closely associated with our clients as possible, in both online and offline models, Saluja Cad Consultancy is glad to partner with enthusiastic entrepreneurs like you.

I assure you that this association will help you become a part of an exciting, high growth industry and an ambitious organization that takes prides in its operational excellence, product innovation and customer service. Throughout our association, my team will help you expand your business and offer more value to the customers.

Let's join hands to generate more profits and value for us by creating marvelous CAD/CAM/CAE experiences for our customers.

Best Wishes!